The way people discover and consume content is changing. Communication will never be the same. 

PixelShift is a studio for this new world.

We bring together the best minds in content creation, publishing, advertising, marketing, consulting and events. We help you reach your audiences more efficiently, more credibly, more easily, and more affordably.

PixelShift Services


Publishing Solutions

PixelShift helps publishers maximize revenue and reach new markets through the creation of custom editorial and advertising packages, efficient project management, and new business development.

Our experts develop, design and deliver custom solutions in print, video, social and other mediums, and assist with business development, sales, and market targeting.

PixelShift develops and deploys both editorial and advertising solutions for print, web and other publishers. We create sponsored content, advertorials, video packages, blogging, social media campaigns and more.

With decades of publishing experience at our core, PixelShift can also produce print SIPs, custom magazines, and promotional material.

By leveraging our strong corporate relationships, PixelShift brings a new roster of clients to publishers, and our project management solutions shift the burden of new content development off the shoulders of sales or editorial teams.

Advertiser Solutions

PixelShift enables advertisers to reach new markets and to broaden their reach in existing markets, through custom publishing and custom content creation—and through our network of relationships with all of the outlets in the photographic and videographer industries.

Our project management team streamlines development and deployment, guiding a project from conception through delivery. Through PixelShift's efficient project management, advertisers see increased quality across their programs, with fewer pain points.

To eliminate many of the bottlenecks in the process of creating campaigns, we act as a liaison between advertiser, creatives, and outlets, managing the whole process and providing quality assurance.

This oversight frees both the advertiser and the publishers from having to track down multiple points-of-contact, speeds approval times, and improves the end product.


Content Development & Amplification Through The Valuable Friends network

The Valuable Friends is our network of trusted, independent and honest journalists and content creators, who work with PixelShift to develop custom publishing, editorial, advertorial and advertising solutions—and can make these solutions accessible to their millions of followers.

Our Friends provide us—and our clients—with a fresh, unique and flexible array of information and services. Embracing the best of today's new publishing tools The Valuable Friends work with PixelShift on campaign development, content deployment, social media amplification, events and more.

Clients get the value of an amplified messaging network without needing to maintain a dozen or more individual relationships.


Event Creation

From photo walks to workshops, demo days to experiential, the team at PixelShift crafts custom events to help advertisers connect with their customers.

PixelShift manages all phases of the event, including location and talent selection, permitting, registration, curricula development and more.


Consulting and Testing

PixelShift provides manufacturers with product testing and product analysis, as well as branding and messaging, helping companies develop, deploy and refine their products.

Our experts offer insight into the anticipated media and customer reactions allowing companies to stay on message and maximize the positive effects of a successful product launch.